Adduns Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt, Hip Bands, Non-Slip, Set of 3

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Adduns Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt, Hip Bands, Non-Slip, Set of 3

Non-Slip Resistance Bands: These fabric resistance bands do not roll and have a non-slip grip so the bands stay in place while performing various leg and glute workouts.

Various Resistance Levels: Easily change between the 3 levels of resistance, light, medium, and heavy, for a range of workouts and fitness levels.

Durable Material: Our booty bands are made of strong material that add a great amount of resistance. Perfect for weight lifters.

Take Them Anywhere: Our resistance bands for legs and butt come with a sporty mesh carrying bag for on the go workouts and easy storage, along with an exercise guide for fitness tips.

Fabric resistance bands provide a lot of benefit for overall body strengthening and are extremely versatile. They are low impact, and easy on the joints. Unlike free weights, loop bands do not rely on gravity to provide resistance, keeping your joints safe. Resistance bands also grow and tone your muscles at the same time, think of it as having several dumbbells in one elastic band. Perfect for warm-ups before a workout, activating your hips before a run, weightlifters or use as a main source of resistance for your workout. You will feel the burn with these booty bands immediately as they activate your hips and glutes, can be used for upper body as well. Adduns fabric resistance bands come in a set of 3, with different levels of resistance, pink - light, teal - medium and purple - heavy. Increase the resistance over time to challenge and strengthen your muscles.

Made of high-quality fabric, these hip bands are made to withstand a range of motions. No need to skip a workout because you’re traveling or do not have access to the gym. Lightweight and portable, these non-slip resistance bands come with its own sporty mesh storage bag. Carry them with you anywhere. Whatever the fitness level, these fabric resistance bands are for women with a desire to improve her figure and strength. Great for home workouts, office lunch breaks, business trips and outdoor workouts.

Levels of Resistance:

Pink -Light - 15-25 lbs

Teal - Medium - 25-35 lbs

Purple - Heavy - 35-50 lbs